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Water Treatment + Energy Recovery

Resource. Recovery. Redefined.

Enewate - Energy and Water
the two most precious resources today

Our Wastewater treatment plants are designed based on our advanced inhouse technology called ARBiT®. We not only treat the wastewater for reuse, we also recover energy in the form of biogas in the process. Coupled with our biomethanation plants developed for organic waste management, we are laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

State of the Art
Sewage Treatment Plants
Effluent Treatment Plants Biomethanation Plants
Solid Waste Management

Designed and Developed by ENEWATE

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Sewage Treatment Plants

We convert unique ideas into unprecedented practical and implementable solutions in the quest of ensuring the pain points of our customers are addressed, which is of utmost importance.

Did you know?

Your sewage treatment plant can be carbon negative !

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Green Energy

We care.


By providing an environmentally and socially responsible means of managing solid waste ,we are committed to mitigating environmental impacts such as harmful emissions and greenhouses gases while also ensuring value-addition in the form of biogas.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

With an innate sense of on-ground realities , we look at complex problems from different angles and deliver solutions that break paradigms.

Our Impact

Over 10,000 million litres of water treated.

Over 15,00,000 Kgs of food waste processed.

Over 3,00,000 cubic meter of biogas reclaimed.

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ENEWATE in Action


We Recycle

With our state of the art ARBiT® sewage treatment plants we recycle millions of litres of wastewater everyday. The treated water is reused thus reducing the stress on the delicate water balance of our planet.


We Recover

Our biomethanation plants are designed to process organic waste and generate clean biogas which can be used for cooking purposes or to generate electricity. We are not only converting waste to energy, we are also solving the problem of waste management in urban areas.


We Redefine

With our resource recovery and reuse capabilities, we strive to create a sustainable energy efficient impact on millions of households thus redefining environmental management.