Biomethanation Plant

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Ensures Better Waste Management with Enewate’s Biomethanation Plant

With the growing concern for the environment, solid waste management has become an important aspect. Handling and safe disposal of solid or organic waste has become an issue that should be addressed on priority. A solution for this issue is essential because then only we will be able to fulfil our social, environmental, and national aspirations. Biomethanation Plant turns out to be an ideal solution, as this plant is not only effective in processing organic waste but also generates clean biogas that can be further used for cooking or generating electricity. Therefore, all such businesses or organisations looking to commission this biomethanation plant can get it done with the assistance of Enewate. We, at Enewate, are a leading manufacturer of biomethanation plants that are consistent in producing quality biogas and nutrient-rich fertilizer. Our biomethanation plant will also help organisation to earn carbon credits as methane has 21 times more global warming potential than carbon dioxide.


Enewate, a Technically Sound Biomethanation Plant Manufacturer in India

We have emerged as the leading manufacturer of biomethanation plants in India and have helped several industries and organisations commission this plant that helps them to streamline and improve their organic waste collection and management. The Biomethanation plants ensure efficient disposal of organic waste and sludge that originates from the plants. The biogas generated is used for cooking and electricity generation whereas the sludge or slurry that is generated proves excellent manure that can be used for farming. Our efficiently designed and manufactured biomethanation plant not only converts waste to energy but also serves the problem of waste management in urban areas. The Biomethanation Plant has been recognized by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy as the first of its kind project in India commissioned to treat diverse agro-based waste. This plant also helps in reducing carbon footprint by converting methane to energy and improves soil health by generating good quality organic manure.


Get Expert Biomethanation Plant Commissioning Services in India

We are extremely competent in manufacturing custom-tailored design and technically superior biomethanation plants for the project up to over 3,00,000 cubic meters of biogas production capacity. Having specialization over a large pool of technologies, we have discovered the best possible technologies for organic waste management and biogas production. We, at Enewate, are engaged in providing the best technology solution from concept to commissioning of biomethanation plants. Our biomethanation plants are developed and commissioned under the supervision of experienced and skilled professionals and acknowledged for their low maintenance cost, long service life, and high operational performance. Besides we are also proficient in handling Turnkey projects related to the installation and commissioning of biomethanation plant. We completely assist our clients in the commissioning of biomethanation plants with the support of our strong team of technically proficient engineers.