Solid Waste Management

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India generates 63 million tons of waste every year and the waste level is going to reach an unexpected high if the generated waste is not sustainably managed. To help the country come out of this problem, we at Enewate provide end-to-end waste management services and handle waste responsibly for MNCs, residential communities, and other organizations and institutions where solid waste is generated in bulk. Located in Bangalore, we are making a positive difference to the environment in every aspect of our business. We prevent waste from ending up in landfill sites with our effective solid waste management services rendered to residential, industrial, and commercial clients on a Pan India basis. Thus, all the environmentally-conscious organizations and institutions can get in touch with Enewate to receive ecological solid waste management services.


Enewate Eliminates Adverse Impact of Waste on the Environment and People’s Health

Solid waste management is emerging as a massive development challenge in urban India. Studies have suggested that the unsafe disposal of waste generates dangerous gases and leachates resulting due to microbial decomposition, climatic conditions, and land-filling operations. At Enewate we provide an environmentally and socially responsible means of managing solid waste. We are committed to mitigating environmental impacts such as harmful emissions and greenhouses gases while also ensuring value-addition in the form of biogas. We are a socio-environmental conscious company having extensive experience in waste management and resource recovery. We ensure maximum recovery of resources from all streams of waste by sending the waste to the right destinations.


Solid Waste Management - An Initiative to Preserve Human's Health and Ecological Future

Waste management in the simplest term can be defined as the collection, transportation, and disposal of garbage and other waste products. We, at Enewate, believe ineffective management of solid waste directly affects the health of our planet. We regard solid waste as a valuable resource that can be creatively managed to protect our soil, air, water, and people. Waste being properly disposed of in a sanitary manner also contributes to the well-being of people and prevents them from diseases. Enewate has years of experience in solid waste management consulting services, as the company has suggested useful and valuable ways of recycling waste to several businesses and industries to keep the planet free from waste. We have expertise in managing and disposing of any type of solid waste, sludge, off-spec, and expired material.